Rent – The rent charged for Barwheys is shown on the Barwheys website booking page, and relates to either 5 night or 12 night stays.

Payment methods – Payment for deposits and the balance of the amount can be made  by debit card payment into the Barwheys account (we’ll give you the details when you phone / e:mail) or just by sending us a cheque.

Deposits – A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total price is payable at the time of booking.  If the booking is within 6 weeks of  arrival we will ask you to pay for the whole amount as we will be unlikely to get an alternative booking if you cancel.

Balance – We ask you to pay the balance of the rent a minimum of 6 weeks before the start of the holiday. If the balance is not paid 6 weeks before the arrival date we are likely to release the booking.

Housekeeping deposit – Most of our guests are very careful but we do ask that a housekeeping deposit of £1,500 is paid to cover costs associated with events such as major damage to the buildings or contents and/or any extra or excessive cleaning costs that might be required. We ask that this housekeeping deposit is received at least one week prior to your arrival date.

The housekeeping deposit will be refunded within 14 days of your departure less any costs that we have had to incur to bring it back up to the original condition. Of course accidents do happen and we will only deduct money from the deposit if we need to incur excessive costs.

VAT – All prices include VAT.

Cancellations – If you cancel your booking after you have paid your deposit but more than 6 weeks prior to your visit we will return any money that you have paid above the deposit.

If you cancel your booking after you have paid your deposit but it is less than 6 weeks prior to your visit we will retain the balance of the money.  If we get an alternative booking for the same period we will return the money to you.

In the unlikely event that we cancel the booking we will give you all your money back or let you book for another stay whichever you prefer – regardless of time of year – for the same price.

Authority – We will ask you to give us the name of a lead contact who will be our main point of contact.

Additional services – We ask you to book any additional services required such as chefs or limo transport directly with the company.  We will be delighted to offer recommendations but find that most guests like to deal directly so that the arrangements are transparent.

Care of the Property – We ask you to take as much care as you can of Barwheys, its contents and the land around it. We have a book in The Granary for you to make a note of anything you damage or anything you notice that is damaged or not working properly so we can put it right for the next guests.  If anything is broken during your stay that needs mending immediately please let us know and we’ll deal with it straight away.

We do ask you  to leave Barwheys in a clean and tidy condition – we’d appreciate it if you put all dirty cutlery and crockery in the dishwashers and place all the rubbish in the appropriate waste or recycling bins before you leave.

Respect for the Farm – We ask you to respect the surrounding farms – the animals, the crops, the vehicles and the hedges. We have laid out paths in the woods and ask that you stay in the woods rather than going across the fields.

Smoking – We ask our guests not to smoke anywhere inside Barwheys. Please feel free to do so outside and on the Farmhouse balcony.

Drainage – Drainage is to a septic tank. Please don’t throw insoluble material e.g. sanitary towels/tampons down the toilet as our eco-friendly sewage system can’t deal with them. We have put disposal bags in all the bathrooms for you to use.

Dogs/Pets – We regret that we don’t allow pets inside Barwheys.

Personal belongings – We have to say that we can’t accept any responsibility or liability for loss of or damage to any of your personal items, belongings or vehicles, however caused.

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